Meet Ginny, the founder of Paladin Boutique Equestrian

Hometown? Rutland, United Kingdom, Smallest county in the country, home to the famous Rutland Water and land of rolling hills and stubble fields galore!

Favourite riding story? As an 8-year old, I was a really tiny little thing and I used to help out every single day without fail in a neighbours livery yard (thanks Clare!) just so that I could be around horses. I would ride anything and everything and my favourite was Bob the Cob - he was a giant 16hh and I quickly developed the nickname pea on a drum!

Favourite discipline? Cross Country. I live in Singapore now so I don't get a chance to do much (or any) of this as it's too hot and there's not a huge amount of countryside. I look forward to the days when I can get back into galloping across endless fields though!

Favourite gait? Canter - isn't it everyone's?

If you could have one horse for the rest of your life who would you choose? Can I bring back Paladin? Paladin was my first horse and he was the dearest pony. As brave as anything Paladin and I felt like we could take on the world together! A wonderful schoolmaster and a great first pony! Hence the name and inspiration for my business...