Saddle Pads & Beyond

Congratulations! You Have Made It To The Paladin Equestrian Blogosphere Where We Will Be Sharing Everything From Our Favourite Saddle Pads, Our Tips On How To Style Your Horse & Of Course A Little Bit About The Company…


Are your buckets and troughs on their last leg? Do you have old horseshoes piling up that have no use? Is your horse’s headcollar falling apart? Don’t throw them away! Unnecessary waste contributes to climate change and air pollution, and because of this, it is considered a serious environmental concern.

A lot of our material talks about “recycled plastic bottles” and “bamboo fibre” but what does all of this really mean? Is it just marketing speak or do these really mean something? How do we know how many bottles are recycled per pad? And do eco-friendly fabrics really make a difference?


Welcome to Paladin Equestrian’s very first blog! We thought it would be apt to spend this first blog introducing ourselves and telling you a little bit about the names behind the brand. We’ve done a little Q&A with founder of Paladin Equestrian Ginny Brayn-smith followed by an intro to Paladin UK Marketing Director, Lauren Forrester